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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Windsor Sucks

(Depart Florida April 24 - Arrive Windsor April 27)
Wednesday Florida

Saturday Windsor
Well we are home and for the most part we have things approaching normal.  The house was only 50 degrees when we arrived in the afternoon so spring has not yet sprung in this neck of the woods.  Quite a shock to the system.

Our trip was good and I really appreciated the Dodge Journey crossover that we had rented.  The total cost for the one way drop off was $190.  The vehicle was packed, to say the least.  I was worried that if we asked someone to pick us up at the rental agency in Detroit, we would not be able to transfer everything to their vehicle.  To avoid this I decided we would drive the rental home, unload and then have Linda follow me back to the airport.  Canadian customs practically waved us through but when we returned to cross into the US, they questioned the fact that I had a Florida rental vehicle.  The first question, when did you pick up the vehicle, was no problem - Tuesday.  The next one: when had you entered the US - July; raised an eyebrow.  He did not give me a chance to explain so we were pulled over.  Fortunately he listened enough to have Linda pulled over as well.

Inside immigration we looked much different than the room full of people who were also pulled over.  Linda felt like a criminal.  We got to an agent immediately and explained our whole story.  I am sure that she had not encountered a similar situation but fortunately she understood what we had done.  It took her a good 10-15 minutes on the computer and a visit to the supervisor to call us back and say that at the moment we were OK but reminded us that we could not spend more than 183 days in the US in any calendar year.  I assured her that was the plan at least until the new Canadian Retiree Act was approved.  She just rolled her eyes and told us to get out.  Both vehicles passed inspection and we were on our way.

Our neighbours were really good about easing the transition from the Dockside routine to home.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday happy hours were arranged, indoors of course, and a good time was had by all.  Not that I was counting but at least one case of wine was consumed.  Linda and I have already visited our wine making shop and have order 5 batches to be made, 150 bottles.  Fortunately, there is one that was started two months ago and is ready to be bottled.

It was a very good winter.  Linda and I enjoyed it so much that we will do it again next year.  We have such good friends there and have a really good time.  I was more reserved on this vacation: instead of putting on 40 pounds I only gained 20... or so.  Maybe next year I will be even better.  Linda on the other hand did not gain any weight.  I guess going to Zumba three times each week helps.

I'll post a few photos of the bottom of the boat after being in salt water for six months.  One should note that a diver cleans the bottom every 4 to 6 weeks while I am down there.

In closing, for the season, Linda and I wish everyone a great summer and ask that you keep in touch.

After April 2013

Before May 2012

Bottom of Trim Tab

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